Transfering data from different domains into one location

Oct 23, 2014 at 4:57 PM
I have installed this framework on a number of clusters in a number of domains. I'm now tasked with getting gathering that data and putting it into one location.

The SSIS package to transfer the data is actually quite simple if you use a unique composite key in the table to eliminate duplicates and tell the source in the data flow to ignore failures.

My question is more about reporting:

I see some reports are dependent on MSDB:
  1. Does anyone know if its safe to transmit the CMS tables in MSDB (sysManagement_shared_registered_servers_internal and sysManagement_shared_server_groups_internal)? My guess is that the only consequence is that one could manually match the entries of the database into a CMS in SSMS via the Registered server window, but that the connnections would simply not connect. Meaning it could be benign.
  2. If I don't copy these entries (sysManagement_shared_registered_servers_internal and sysManagement_shared_server_groups_internal), where are all of the places I remove report dependencies on these tables and what consequences would there be?
  3. Has anyone else done this yet?