Execution of Powershell Script returns Results from server not in specified CMS Group?

Sep 26, 2012 at 11:42 PM

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Has anyone come across executing the PS script and when viewing results from the SQL Server table, there are results from a server that's not in the Central Management Group you've specified?

Well I'm having that problem. I registered a Group named 'DEVELOPMENT' on my CMS. This group only has one of my development instances in it- lets call the instance Test2008R2. *HOWEVER* I have another CMS group called 'DEVELOPMENT-2008' which contains another instance called Dev2008R2' (just keep that in mind for now).  Well, I am running the PS script against the 'DEVELOPMENT' CMS group. I am querying results from the policy.v_PolicyHistory table and I'm returning results from my Test2008R2 instance AS WELL AS Dev2008R2. This shouldn't be happening. I should only see results from my Test2008R2 since thats the only instance in the 'DEVELOPMENT' CMS group.

Anyone else having this same issue? Or does anyone know a work-around?