Huge XML Files when moving to SQL 2008 R2 EPM Server?

Dec 13, 2011 at 7:23 PM

Hi Lara,

I've been using EPM with very few problems on a SQL 2008 R1 server for a couple years now.  I now have the need to migrate to a newer 2008 R2 server, but I'm having issues getting the policies to evaluate without hanging out due to very large XML results files.   The files I'm getting on the R2 server are about 7 times the size of their R1 counterparts.     The policy I'm evaluating checks to make sure a backup has happened on each db in the past 24 hours.  The results size is directly related to the number of db's on the server.   For example, one server with 150 DBs was generating an 40MB file on the R1 server and a 278MB file on the R2 server.  For servers with 300+ DBs, the powershell session on the 2008 R2 EPM server just hangs and never creates an xml file.

I setup the 2008 R2 server by doing a fresh download of the EPM scripts and reporting solution.  I transferred my policies and conditions over by scripting them out on the R1 server and recreating them on the R2 server.

Do you have any ideas why the results are so much bigger in R2?






Dec 28, 2011 at 6:41 PM

I'm not sure the root cause of this issue but have you tried comparing the two XML files' outputs and seeing what the difference is? Download something like BeyondCompare (trial) and quickly compare the two. Curious to see if maybe results are getting doubled in R2 or if there are errors being logged within the XML file in R2 that weren't in R1. Shot in the dark here...