EPM Framework not working on x86 Servers but only on x64.

Oct 10, 2009 at 5:52 PM

have installed the Enterprise Policy Management Framework for SQL Server 2008.

the problem is this:

I have 3 virtual servers for testing purposes, 2 have SQL 2008 Dev edition x86 SP1 Cumulative Update 4, and the 3rd have SQL 2008 x64 dev edition SP1 Cumulative Update 4.

So basiccaly the 3 SQL servers are the same but in different architecture...32 and 64bit

If i install the Enterprise Policy Management Framework in one of the x86 server in order to check policies in the other 2 (one x86 and one x64), it does not work.

Basically the tables in the DB are not populated and reports do not show anyting.

If i install the Enterprise Policy Management Framework in the 64bit server, and I check the policies in the 2 x86 servers than it works fine and reports show data correclty.

Any idea why it works on the 64bit and not in the x86?

I followed the instructions well on both installations, on the x86 and on the x64......x64 works fine....please help.

Oct 12, 2009 at 1:30 AM

Hello moamed79. 

I have not heard this issue yet, so I may ask you to run a few tests so we can identify where you are experiencing the  problem.  It sounds like things work fine when you install the CMS on x64, but does not work on x86. 

First, make sure that you have all of the policies and your database repository are on the x86 server.  If not, this is likely the issue.

It sounds like you have tried to run the framework on the x86 server.  If so, manually connect to your database repository and check the policy.EvaluationErrorHistory table.  You may have errors in the table indicating why the script is not able to run against the other instances.  If so, please respond with the messages. 

On the x86 instance, can you please verify that you can evaluate policies through Management Studio?  Navigate to a folder in the Central Management Server where you have registered the other two instances.  Right click on the folder and select "Evaluate Policies".  Choose the CMS as a server source and navigate to a policy stored on the CMS. Verify that the policy evaluation completed, and make sure that you are not seeing an error in the evaluation results.  If any of the policies are returning an error, please respond with the error message.

Are you executing the framework manually through the PS console, or have you set it up as a SQL Server Agent job?